KCSE Certificate, Kenyan Class B / C driving Licence.
Job Code AHF-JB-3875F.


Minimum Requirements: Kenyan Class B / C driving Licence, KCSE Certificate

Experience: We dont necessarily base competency on previous experience. However, a candidate must pass a face to face interview upon selection The face to face interviews will be conducted in July. More communication will be done on this to specific candidates

About the job

As a Driver, you will be responsible for safely operating vehicles to transport passengers, goods, or materials to designated locations, following traffic laws and company policies. Your role will involve providing reliable transportation services and ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers or cargo during transit. Key responsibilities include:

1. Safely operating company vehicles, such as cars, vans, or trucks, to transport passengers, goods, or materials to specified destinations.

2. Adhering to traffic laws, regulations, and safety standards while driving, and maintaining a clean driving record.

3. Following pre-established routes or schedules for pickups, deliveries, or passenger transportation, and optimizing routes to ensure timely arrival at destinations.

4. Inspecting vehicles before and after each trip to ensure proper functioning of brakes, lights, tires, and other safety features, and reporting any maintenance or repair needs to supervisors.

5. Loading and unloading passengers, goods, or materials, and securing items properly to prevent damage or loss during transit.

6. Providing assistance to passengers as needed, such as helping with boarding or alighting, handling luggage, or providing directions.

7. Maintaining cleanliness and tidiness of vehicles, both inside and outside, and performing routine cleaning tasks as necessary.

8. Keeping accurate records of mileage, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance activities, and reporting any incidents, accidents, or violations to management.

9. Communicating effectively with dispatchers, supervisors, or passengers to provide updates on route progress, delays, or other relevant information.

10. Upholding professional conduct and customer service standards, and representing the company in a positive and courteous manner at all times.

Skill Requirements

1. Valid driver's license appropriate for the type of vehicle(s) to be operated.

2. Proven experience as a driver, with a clean driving record and knowledge of safe driving practices.

3. Familiarity with local traffic laws, routes, and geography of the area of operation.

4. Ability to operate vehicles safely and responsibly in various weather and road conditions.

5. Physical stamina and dexterity to perform tasks such as lifting, bending, and sitting for extended periods.

6. Excellent time management and organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks and manage schedules effectively.

7. Strong communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with passengers, colleagues, and supervisors.

8. Basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting, with the ability to perform minor repairs or adjustments as needed.

Nairobi, Kenya
500K - 550K
Estimate sal. Per Year
  • Kindly note that if you qualify for this role, you will start working once we have officially started operations in Kenya. Currently, we are in the final steps of approvals from kenyan authorities. We estimate this will take a few months. Once you qualify, more details on reporting date and location will be communicated through your personal contacts. Success!